April 17, 2001: The Beat Sheet (the Industry Standard’s Newsletter)


Things never die on the internet. Here is a note from a 2001 email newsletter. The funny thing about this quote, it’s pre iTunes! Now I download songs, but I think my habits are much the same as they were here. I don’t always download, and still buy hard copies. Guess that means I am old-fashioned, p2p networks or not.

I am a pretty big music fan, and I spend about $50 a month on music.
When I was in college I used Napster to download songs that weren’t
available in the U.S. or didn’t have singles. Nine times out of 10,
the songs I downloaded were songs I already had on CD, but I just
wanted to hear them on my computer, or my friend borrowed the CD. The
songs I didn’t personally have, 75 percent of the time I bought them
on CD anyway because I prefer the hard copy. I don’t think I’ll be
spending much money on digital downloads, unless there were
digital-only singles by my favorite artists, I might consider it, but
it is pretty unlikely. Maybe digital downloads will give less
mainstream artists a chance to shine. How many Britney Spears singles
would you really wanna download anyway?


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