Berkeley Daily Planet Letter to the Editor


It’s really irritating (and stressful) when driving and dealing with careless pedestrians (most people are cautious, but once in a while people cross the line). Here is a copy and link of my letter to the editor.


Editors, Daily Planet:

This evening on my way home, I had a disturbing experience. I was driving down MacArthur Boulevard past the Emeryville border between Market and Telegraph. After the light turned green, I saw a couple of pedestrians on the opposite side of the median. I see one of them look in my direction and bolt across the street in front of me. The light had changed a few moments earlier, and I was traveling down the road around 25 mph. I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting the group of young people attempting run across the street.

The first person in the group made it across, and I missed him by inches. The second person came to a sudden halt and ended up inches from the left side of my car. I was completely shaken after the near contact. I know as a driver it is my responsibility to give pedestrians the right of way. Unfortunately, these young people were attempting to cross the far away from the intersection and crosswalk in a darkly lit section of the street. I don’t want to cast blame here, but it was a miracle I didn’t hit one of them and cause severe injury to these careless pedestrians. I wish this was the only near miss incident I have had, but I see pedestrians running across this dark street at dusk or later every other week. To all of the drivers and pedestrians out there be careful, and be logical. To the pedestrians, cross at the crosswalk, look for oncoming traffic, and cross with the green light. To all of the drivers, look out for people coming from all directions and travel slowly on dark streets.

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