March 30, 2007:


I have been quoted multiple times in Processor Magazine. Amazing, this article has quite a few quotes! Here is a company profile feature. I included a few quotes here; read the full article for more.

Ervin calls StoneFly’s ISC (Integrated Storage Concentrator) product family the workhorse of StoneFly’s IP SANs as it provides users with a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy SAN-in-a-box solution. “The ISCs are a great fit for most organizations with storage capacities ranging from 2 to 18TB, and [it offers] options for supporting 10GB IP SANs in the future,” Ervin says.

“With StoneFusion, the features of enterprise-class SAN management are available to the masses,” Ervin says.

“It’s kind of like going to Denny’s. Instead of getting your pancakes and eggs a la carte, we think it is better to just get the Grand Slam and have everything. You can always have the leftovers later, and we think you will grow into the advanced IP SAN features as you need them,” Ervin says.

“Our SCs were designed with ease of use in mind and are easily deployed and configured. Our IP SAN can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes, depending on how many servers will be connecting. They are ‘install and forget it’ products,” Ervin says.

Ervin says one of StoneFly’s long-term customers opened a support case for his first- or second-generation SC because he wanted to reset his administrator password in order to perform a Daylight Saving Time update. He had forgotten his original one. “He had not had an occasion to change, restart, or modify his system settings since he set it up four years ago!” says Ervin. “Many of our customers [have] small IT departments staffed with IT generalists, and we understand that easy-to-use tools are a must-have.”

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