May Newsletter


WELCOME to the May edition of Sync with StoneFly.  Here at StoneFly innovation in technology and product solutions that respond to the demands of our customers and partners keeps us at the leading edge of the IT industry.  This newsletter will help you to stay current with what’s happening at StoneFly as well as other important industry developments that can add to your knowledge and success (and let us know if you have any suggestions for future topics).

Certification Explosion
Let the  Sun shine in.  We completed certification for all of our products for Sun’s Solaris 10 Operating Systems for Sparc and x86.  Learn more on Sun’s Solaris Ready website or read our release.

Give your servers the boot, using emBoot; we have certified emBoot’s winBoot version 2 and netBoot for use with all StoneFly Storage Concentrators.  StoneFly’s compatability with the latest emBoot products makes it easy to setup IP SAN boot without using hardware iSCSI initiators. Read more here.

Storage Enduser Hot Buttons

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) recently revealed the result of their end-user survey.  Hot buttons for the storage end-user:  interoperability and upgrades.  What do you think… are these your hot buttons as well?  Check out the full survey on the SNIA site, and send us your comments!

Latest Case Studies

StoneFly IP SANs can be used to solve a myriad of storage challenges ranging from speeding up backups to implementing snapshots for simpler data recovery and restorations, improving data availability and simplifying storage infrastructures.  Learn how Taipan Trading leveraged their Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) to solve their storage challenges.

Download here.

StoneFly in the News

Upcoming Events
Here is where we will be online and offline this month:
QLogic Fusion 2007, San Diego: May 9-10
For other events, visit our website.

StoneFly: Intelligent IP SANs Made Simple


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