June 2007: The benefits of SANs for SMBs


Here are few blurbs from Infostor Magazine. This appeared online and in print!

Jame Ervin, product manager for StoneFly Networks, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, says SANs centralize storage and improve capacity utilization. “If you have lots of application servers and they each have their own storage, eventually one server will be 10% full and another will be 90% full. You can’t capture the 90% that’s sitting idle. If you put them on a SAN, you can at least centralize them for managing your storage per application.”

StoneFly’s Ervin says that with a SAN backups are easier and less expensive. “If you centralize your storage, you back up only the SAN as opposed to backing up individual application servers. And minimizing the number of licenses for backup software makes your backup jobs a lot simpler.”

Ervin also notes that customers are using SANs for disk-to-disk (D2D) backups: “They copy all their data into a separate volume and have their backup server just deal with backups from that volume.”


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