June Newsletter


This month in the June edition of Sync with StoneFly will help you prepare for your summer holiday before you leave the office.  Other content in this month’s issue: help SNIA with the end-user survey, check out the storage crystal ball in Processor Magazine,  or help us design the next generation StoneFusion user interface.  Email us at news@stonefly.com with any feedback or topic suggestions.

Pre-Holiday To Do List
Whether you’re traveling this summer, unexpectedly out of the office, or just want to stay ahead of the curve, check out these useful tips for managing your storage listed in Techworld’s guide.  Follow these rules once per quarter, and you won’t need to have the aspirin handy when a drive fails.  

Help us Improve Our UI
Our Engineering team needs you help; we are looking to update our StoneFusion user interface.  What would you like to see?  Email News@stonefly.com with your suggestions.

Simplify Snapshot Management with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Services
Windows Servers include Volume Shadow Copy Services, and StoneFly’s IP SANs utilize VSS to make snapshot creation a breeze.  Learn more by downloading our whitepaper

End-Users: SNIA Needs Your Input
The SNIA End User Council is working on their annual end user survey and needs your help. This year the EUC is asking storage managers to help define their “Top Ten Pain Points.” If you want your voice heard, follow the link below to take the survey and enter the drawing. 

The MVP Program Celebrates its One Year Anniversary
This month marks the one year anniversary of our MVP program.  Our partners have been hard at work designing solutions surrounding our product line to deploy IP SANs in wide-ranging applications from email archiving, primary storage, disk-based backups and more.  Stay tuned to program enhancements in the coming months to improve our MVP Partner Program end demonstrate our commitment to service and profitability for our partners.  Join the MVP program at http://partners.stonefly.com

StoneFly in the News

  • Processor Magazine predicts iSCSI, SAS and 10Gb Ethernet will dominate will dominate your server room or datacenter in this interesting feature
  • Check out more articles on StoneFly.

Upcoming Events

StoneFly: Intelligent IP SANs Made Simple


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