Processor Magazine quotes me discussing NAS and SAN technologies


In last week’s issue of Processor, I am quoted in two articles.

NAS Technology

DNF Storage offers a multitude of storage appliances based on either Windows Storage Server (in its FlexStor line) or an embedded Linux platform (via the DataStor series). According to Product Manager Jame Ervin, both lines feature unified NAS/SAN functionality in an easily configured and managed package. Ervin notes that in addition to supporting both block and file storage protocols, many of the company’s boxes can host multiple disk I/O interfaceslow-cost SATA and high-performance SASin the same platform. … Another interesting feature from DNF, just recently available as an upgrade option, is support for 10Gb Ethernet interfaces on most of its FlexStor and DataStor products. Ervin believes that the use of iSCSI for block storage makes 10GbE attractive as a high-performance option and encourages customers to plan their storage networks with 10GbE expansion in mind.

SAN Technology

As Jame Ervin, product manager for DNF Storage, notes, “SANs are moving downstream. Historically only large organizations have enough data and resources to deploy a SAN. Today’s SANs are used for a variety of applications and business sizes.” For this reason, Ervin points out that data center managers need to know which category their businesses fall under and purchase products accordingly. If a data center manager works at a midsized enterprise, it wouldn’t make sense for her to acquire monolithic systems that are typically put into place by huge corporations. With that framework in mind, DNF Storage has a number of products that are aimed at the SME. Products, such as the StoneFly IP SANs, IPBank iSCSI Appliances, modular SANS based on its SANgear controllers, and the Enterprise RAID product family, are ideal for data center managers in midsized enterprises, and each of the aforementioned products offers affordable prices with great functionality and scalability.

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