Great Quotes in August’s Issue of Network Centric Security


There a few paraphrases from me in Network Centric Security’s August issue explaining storage technologies. During this interview a couple of months ago, I was a bit concerned since I spent much of the chat with the journalist on the different approaches/technologies. Great to be included!

“A NAS looks like a file folder to a user or camera, saidJame Ervin at Stonefly Networks.  That’s a potential disadvantage: many devices can store data in it, but it’s slower at retrieving data. So for larger surveillance networks, a storage area network might be the better fit. A SAN is a network of hard disks devoted to storage, analogous to a file cabinet with many files in several drawers, so storage can be shared across devices and users.  This flexibility enables users to partition a SAN so that data from a particular camera or surveillance area is written to a specific area on the SAN, Ervin said. “

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