2 New Articles on the StorMac


We got better coverage than I expected from the StorMac, and I have a couple of quotes.

eWeek Channel Insider

After a quick briefing, here is my quote…from the article linked above.

… said Jame Ervin, product manager for StorMacX.”Smaller companies are a little less committed to using the Windows infrastructure than larger companies, and they find the Xserve platform a really easy server to use,” she said. “And now, with Apple’s Leopard operating system out, which has an iSCSI initiator built in, this makes a lot of sense for a lot of companies.”

And from eChannel Line, a few more great quotes:

“We focus our technology on under-served markets,” said Jame Ervin, product manager for the new storage offerings from Hayward, Calif.-based DNF. “Apple has gained a lot of new traction in the last couple of years since they developed OS X,” but with its focus its operating system and other products, the vendor has not had time to work on a fuller storage portfolio that would include a NAS or IP SAN solution, she said. “Apple users have kind of been neglected in that sense.” …

Bell Micro having established a storage partnership with Apple in 2006, partnering with the value-added distributor seemed like the right move for DNF, said Ervin. “There’s a lot of opportunity for Apple resellers to focus more on storage…and move up the food chain a bit to serve businesses by selling a pre-bundled solution.” While partners will benefit from decent margins, Apple customers will enjoy joint support from a single support channel for their whole storage solution, she added. “

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