Don’t be extraneous


I just had to get this off my chest. One of our partners sends regular (5X per month) communications about relevant updates or other partner specific info. The information is typically: there is a software update that fixes a bug but is not recommended for the following environments, please advise your customers accordingly or we will place a new version in beta next week. These emails also include what I would label extraneous info as well. The email is clearly an automatically generated message from some sort of automation system. It pulls information based on company profile, and partner level. That is good, since not everyone subscribed to their mailing list gets the note.

The bad? The subject also includes important information like “All partners that have signed an NDA receive this communication.” And they forget to remove the irrelevant info like:

  • Who internally approved the communication
  • The audience of the email(strategic partners, technology partners, gold partners, pending partners, silver partners, ex-partners…..)
  • A section called: summary with one paragraph summarizing the content of the email .. before you get to the body of the message
  • What groups are exempted from the communication (employees, vendors, customers…..)

    And to top it off, all of this info is included “above the fold.” So this email goes straight to trash.

    And I’d call that a crappy email. And the type of info that is included in these messages that should just be included on an RSS feed.

    Here’s more on the future of email and how to be more effective

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