An email communications don’t


This was just too shocking, too egregious not to write.  I sign up for new communities/web services and so on all the time.  I typically uncheck the box that says, email me all the time.  On a rare occasion I’ll use my regular email address to sign up for IT services (I usually use an alias).  And it back-fired.  I signed up for IT Toolbox.  I thought I unchecked all of the boxes.  And then I got an unwanted email.  It was a subscription for a thread I viewed.

Sidebar:  ITToolBox communities are a little annoying.  They are like Facebook groups, except you have to join to view the comments. Why can’t i just look at the messages, and then decide if I’d like to take part?  Probably because the service is meant to be a boon to B2B marketers.

Back to the story.  So I thought after I had completed that unsubscription I was safe from further emails.  But I was wrong.  About a week later I got an email.  I don’t remember what it was.  I decided to unsubscribe.  The requirements were send an email to “” or whatever it was.  I thought it was a little strange, but do able.  for once I wasn’t dealing with a forwarded message from another inbox, and I didn’t need to login with the other online account for these subscriptions.

A few hours later another email arrived in my box.  It said “you need to confirm your unsubscription request.”

Wasn’t it clear, that since I sent an email, I didn’t want more messages from you?

And then it said send an email to “”  I thought, isn’t that what I did the first time?

Well I had made a mistake.  There was a special confirmation code, so the appropriate course of action was to actually to reply to the email.

So there you have it: a double opt-out email unsubscription process.  So why am I so upset? I had to send you an email, from my email account.   And then send a second one.  This wasn’t click on a link, and click on a second link.  This isn’t a critical email subscription, where it is absolutely essential for me to get your message.  So be nice, let me leave freely and easily.

That convoluted process is unacceptable.


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