Customer Diss-service


A few weeks ago I talked about email don’ts.  Here is another.  I got this email from one of my vendors in response to my open issue.  This was a minor issue, but midway during the call I was disconnected. I didn’t have a direct number for the rep, and he didn’t call me back immediately.  I left a note in the online case system, and this message came about 3 days after my last note saying the issue was still open.  I was still was waiting for a response from them when I received this email.

Thank you for contacting our support team. I apologize for the delay of my response, due the high volume of calls and cases submitted we were not able to contact you earlier, for that reason please let us if you still need support from us.

As soon you reply this message I will reopen your case to work on it, and I will contact you back to follow up properly. If have any question or comment do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Customer “Support”

So there are clearly a host of things wrong with this email.  First and foremost, they didn’t bother to acknowledge my last request for help.  And then instead of assuming my issue was still open, they closed it. And of course I still haven’t received a response to my request.  That’s what I call a big diss!

Another horrible email communication, after the break.

Here is  a really disappointing letter I received when I attempted to sign up as a valunteer at a local organiztion.  All identifying details have been removed.  I heard they are working on a friendlier rejection letter.  But I hear that the employees are equally as positive about the organization is as this letter.

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with us.  We have reviewed your application, and while you have a great background, we believe that there are other venues that would better enable you to make a contribution to the community.

We have reached this conclusion because either the skills and background indicated in your resume do not appear to fit our particular needs, or because you are not local.

In some cases we find that we have unfortunately reached a wrong conclusion.  Usually this is because we were unable to discern from your application the skills and experiences that would actually make you a good fit.  If you feel this is the case, please review our projects send an e-mail that clarifies which role and project type you feel is the best fit and what specific experiences you have that have prepared you for that opportunity.

If after reconsideration you agree that other venues would provide a better outlet for your volunteering interests, we recommend that you visit ….. these non-profits might be a better fit for your skills.

Thanks again for your interest in volunteering with the us.

Wow!  That is really pretty mean wasn’t it.  No thanks for offering up your time?  No we’ll look for other opportunities in the future?  Or even if you have ay ideas of projects you might be a great fit for, please contact us in the future.  Basically what I heard.  take your skills and your time elsewhere, we don’t and won’t have any use for you.  Great way to build bridges in the community.

The moral here?  Every communication is an opportunity to build a bridge with your customer or future customer?  Does everyone in your company realize that and act accordingly?


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