Some retailers go out of their way …


Retail typically offers impersonal customer service. Of course because of the volumes, the crowds, the morale or just because of the customers. I thought it would be great to call out a few really great retail experiences that I can recall. Here three lessons that can apply to any business.

1. Follow up is key. I bought a watch. Months ago. At the Movado outlet. Since then I get a quarterly phone call from the sales associate to remind of sales/new stock and so on. This of course is clearly to drive traffic to the store, but each phone call begins with I hope you are enjoying your new watch. Besides the fact she was so friendly when I went to the store the first time, I appreciate the fact that the same person regularly calls me to check in.

2. Good service, beyond the product lifecycle. A few years ago I purchased a purse from Coach. This was a super splurge, and it was the perfect purse. 🙂 And then my handle broke. I took it to a store for repair (Standard Policy: repairs are free less shipping and handling). A few days later I got a letter in the mail, they were unable to repair my purse, but they issued me a store credit for the full amount I paid, including tax. I lost an old purse and gained a new one. To top off the positive experience, I received a handwritten note from the store thanking me for my business and wishing me well with my new purse. Wow! A handwritten letter. That is rare these days from friends and family. Completely unexpected from a store.

3. Try to remember the little details. It is sale time at Nordstrom’s and you know how we are, we love a bargain. I found a great dress. But they didn’t have my size. I asked the associate if there was another one in another local store. She looked it up and thre were only 2 left, in the US. She called the other store (in the midst of an annual sale weekend, busy busy time!) and they agreed to send it to me. I purchased the dress, there was free shipping to my home. I got the dress about a week later. I was fretting about saving my receipt in case it didn’t work out. I shouldn’t have worried, there was a copy of my store receipt in the box. Nice! (And it was packaged in a garment bag on a hanger.) The little things make all the difference.

Have you had any stellar retail experiences? Or any other excellent customer service experiences?

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