Does opting-out actually work?


I got an email today from a huge technology company.  I have opted out of emails from them multiple times over the past 2 years.  I keep getting emails (maybe once per quarter or once ever 6 months).  What gives?  I think that this sort or organization has plenty of resources to get an effective list management tool.

Maybe, they switched systems and reacquired my name.  Or maybe they purchased a new list and I showed up from a tradeshow or something else.  My question is, how come they can’t retain my preferences, and keep me off their list.

So email marketers, marketing automation software vendors, list brokers, and email software makers — how do you retain the opt-out preferences across multiple systems and transfer the info?  Maybe the email services need to open up their APIs and list info to sync up the opt-outs across software tools.  Then when a company switches email tools, their preferences will be retained, and they won’t have to remove themselves over and over.

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