Leads from Blogging? Believe it.


I know many of you b2b marketers not in some sort of web 2.0 or social media space don’t thing that blogging helps with your goals of demand generation. Of course it is also difficult to prove if you don’t have tools to measure your campaigns, and all of the interactions with you prospects.

First step: measure where people are coming from, and what they are doing with marketing automation tools.

Second step: see if it works. Although my company is still trying to get on the blogging bandwagon, I have a colleague that actually got a lead from a post. They found it with the referring URL in their automation software. Now will it convert to a sale…we’ll see. One thing is for certain, based on the post they were reading they were interested in a solving the same challenges my colleague’s product addresses. And actively researching.

Connecting with people actively researching is half the battle. Blogging can help them find you.


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