10 Questions — the first edition


Starting a new idea. This is ripped off from my favorite magazine in high school, Vibe. And if any of you looked forward to this little feature on the last 5 pages or so you’d understand. I am starting small. 10 questions. The plan, I think this will be a weekly event. Topics may range from work, technology, pop culture, politics, or whatever strikes my fancy. The day? TBD. But look for it.

10. Aren’t people too busy in first life to have a Second Life?
9. Why do we have so many cellular networks in the US?
8. Why does “attack of the clones” work so well for almost every industry?
7. Who has time to wait in line for an iPhone for 2 days?
6. With all of the kids multi-tasking these days, will they be able to uni-task?
5. Why do companies spend so many resources to get new customers and forget about their current ones?
4. Why does going to the movies cost more than going to dinner?
3. Is it any wonder that we are saving less when modern society requires you to have a cell phone, a computer, cable/satellite and broadband internet — for $175/mo?
2 . Are the networks producing more and more reality shows as a preemptive strike against another writer’s strike or an actor’s strike?
1. Why is customer support (and service) the lowest rung on the corporate ladder?

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