The quest for excellence….


My high schools motto: “Here at Socastee we strive for Excellence!”

Did it work. I am not sure, but talking to other people it looks like in many ways my school did pretty well.

I cam across an article in the May issue of CRM (I know I am way behind) about reaching for excellent customer experieinces. There was a great quiz from a book called Excellence Every Day.

Here is the quiz, rate each of these statements on a 1-5 scale:

1. My workplace strategy is competitive and successful
2. My boss is a caring leader
3. Reading Dilbert is a waste of time
4. I live up to my potential
5. I get many compliments for the quality of my work
6. I can see the results of my work
7. My work impact others in a significant way
8. I am fully responsible for the results of my work
9. My work is personal and not just business
10. I have the tools and authority to do my job
11. In my organization, technology is secondary to people
12. I always strive to do more for customers
13. Decisions are not controlled by senior management
14. I always do what is right for the customers
15. My values and the organization’s values are fully aligned
16. I am excited by the results of my work
17. Everyone can be as great as the top achievers of our century
18. I can recognize excellence in my daily work
19. Excellence is not a once in a lifetime achievement
20. I will take risks to do the right thing

Total up your score and continue after the break…

Here is the scoring model. How did you do? What changes can you make to increase your score? How can you help your company put the customers first? What can you do to make a bigger impact? Look for a post from me on customer service in the coming days — hope you enjoyed the quiz!


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