Why I read blogs …


A few years ago an friend of mine returned from a tour of duty. I hadn’t talked to him for a bit so I was pretty surprised he enlisted. One of the lessons he shared with me was related to preparation and planning. He said, in the army, they also work backward. Reviewing all the steps it would take to get to end goal. For example is a mission aimed to end up with control in an emergency, you’d create a reverse timeline.

I think about this tip constantly, and use it in my daily life. When I am planning a program, I look at the sort of results I want, and of course what sort of metrics I need to evaluate the program. Let’s say the metrics I want to track are the number of suspects, the number of prospects, the number of leads, and the amount of revenue tied to the program. I also want to know how long it took to get the first response. So then I think about how I’ll be able to get those metrics, making sure that when leads convert they have the “source” marked as my campaign, making sure there is a time stamp on the campaign members and their activities and so on. So you should work backwards too, figure out your metrics in advance and find out how to get them. Do you need new fields in your CRM? Do you need to ask more questions on your registration forms? Figure it out now before you get started, you’ll feel ahead of the curve.

So back to why I read blogs. With each post you may get that life changing nugget of wisdom. Maybe a short cut in your favorite application that saves you hours per year. Maybe a great free tool to make your life easier. Or a great new restaurant. I always find at least one useful piece of info daily. And i hope, if you read my blog you find the same. 🙂

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