10 Questions: Earthquake edition


Here is edition #2 of 10 questions.  (Please see this post to learn about this new feature)

10. Do web-based trainings replace live classroom learning?

9. When does enthusiasm crossover into annoying?

8. Why aren’t all plane rides as fun as a Virgin flight?

7. How come there aren’t any ‘Asian’ themed casinos in Vegas?

6. Do you really want to ‘poke’ your co-workers on Facebook?

5. If you grew up in the age of soap operas on the radio is it hard to transition to the internet age?

4. Did you know that blogging actually leads to leads?

3. How many generations does it take to stop being family?

2. Was the quake in LA a sign of what’s next in the Bay Area?

1. Do you ever wish there was real summer weather in the Bay Area (in SF and the East Bay)?


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