ITToolbox: Stop Spamming Me. Now!


So I have already complained about this here and here.  Over the weekend, I got another message.  I think from one of their partners.  But I really don’t care.  I just don’t want their messages.

So I marked it as spam.  And I don’t do that to fellow B2B marketers.  We struggle just to get our messages delivered.  I always look.  Really hard.  For the unsubscribe button.

But for ITToolbox, I had done that twice.  And I didn’t give them permission to write me.  So there you have it.  They are spammers.  And I won’t be purchasing any services from them.  If they annoy me, they’ll surely annoy my prospects.


3 thoughts on “ITToolbox: Stop Spamming Me. Now!

  1. carguygarrett

    Are you a member of their community. If so, I believe you need to change settings and preferences on your account. I am one of their million plus subscribers and I have not been spammed by them. I wish you the best. garrett

  2. Guillermo Vincente

    I have “unsubscribed” from them not a few times and only get more and more of their garbage e-mails, garbage because they send tons of them and the unsubscribe if it does anything at all, only seems to add more, it says I have 65 subscriptions, which is BS, I only signed up for about 2 or 3. I use a linux spam filter T-bird to dump their crap straight to trash, but still have to empty it. ITTOOLBOX is no good, do not be fooled by them, do not sign up for their garbage, there are plenty of non spam websites out there with same and better information helpful to pc enthusiasts and vocational pc people.

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