A response from the ITToolBox Team


Based on my rants yesterday and before, I got the following response from someone on the ITToolBox PR team.

I read your blog entries this morning and  apologize for the frustration you’ve been feeling over unwanted e-mails.  I’d like to help resolve the situation for you.  I checked your account and your currently set up to only receive e-mail notifications from us in the following situations:

  • when you receive a personal message from another community member
  • when you receive a comment on your profile
  • when another member wants to connect with you

If any of these situations don’t match your preferences, please let me know and I’ll change them. Also, you’re correct, that last e-mail you received was from a partner. I’ve asked the person who manages that list to remove you.

I was grateful for the response, but I hope they can get to the bottom of the underlying issue.  When I signed up for the IT community, I was careful to limit the communications to just the community ones.  I get a ton of email (like everyone else) and get the marketing messages from I.T.T.B in my work email accounts.  When these messages started showing up, I was shocked and appalled.  I really want to know, who has been selling my name!

A few years ago I remember dealing with a really anygry prospect who received a mailing from us.  He asked me how we got his name, and why we were mailing him.  The source was from a list we had purchased.  This person was extremely anal and created a new email address or alias for every vendor and prospective vendor he communicated with.  So we found out his address has been sold by another big tech company, and that was the source.   I apologized to him for the inconvenience, and I completely understand why he was frustrated.

So I have a few tips for email marketers to keep people like me from ranting (or getting evil phone calls)

  • Make it easy for people to contact or reply to a real person with complaints/concerns
  • Make sure your opt-out process really works
  • Set up a regular schedule for communicating to your partners the opt-out information so they don’t get hit with an angry customer
  • Take each individual concern seriously and review your process on a regular basis when complaints show up
  • Keep meticulous records on the source of your names

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