Is SaaS no longer Sassy?


So I came across the following post, and Businessweek article, BW is criticizing SaaS (software as a service) as being a trend that is over. Or maybe a bit outdated, like SUVs. I completely disagree. There are a few valid points here: SaaS is not necessarily cheaper, when you think about licensing. Or easy to set up, if your organization is complex. But the benefits are clear: you save by reducing headaches: you don’t need to maintain, you don’t need to support it and you spread your costs out over time. In my organization, our IT team is really busy. Using SaaS has given us an alternative resource to leverage for our critical apps — freeing up IT time and saving our resources for more important endeavors….selling more stuff. 🙂

This might be an important consideration for you as well.

One thought on “Is SaaS no longer Sassy?

  1. I agree with your assesment. As the world shrinks and different aspects are outsourced, the office as we know it is becoming more distributed and focuses are narrowing. Also, with the increase of road warriors and multiple career people that need to use software on the run, but do not neccessarily have their laptop, SaaS becomes more efficient. As you stated, overall the hard cost may be higher, but the unaccounted benefits generally outweigh the costs; reduced downtime, increased mobile efficiency, lower support overhead, etc. When you couple a service like Zoho with a account, you can practically operate without a computer while on the road, if need be. There will always be doom and gloom people calling an end to what’s en vogue. Just like all of the nay sayers that heralded the end of the VCR when DVDs came on the scene. DVDs are vastly superior to VHS…but VHS is still around. Many people see the benefit in SaaS and I believe, at least for now, the world is moving to a more distributed platform rather than the old world centralized “own everything” platform.

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