Don’t forget who you are representing


A couple weeks ago I was in Las Vegas.  Jose Canseco was signing autographs in my hotel.  I know he has been trying really hard to drum up publicity for his book and overcome his mortgage crisis.  When I was in elementary school, he was the most popular player around, so I thought I’d grab an autograph for nostalgia’s sake.  Here is what happened:

The autograph session had started a few minutes before, and Canseco was busy pre-signing a few items and chatting with his “entourage.”  There were ZERO people in line.  I grabbed two pictures, one for me and one for my sister.  As I headed over to the table with my two images, the organizer said:  “Sorry only one picture per person.”

So maybe that was the rule, but with the empty line I thought they could make an exception.  When I walked up to Canseco, he didn’t look in my direction, smile or say hello.  He quickly signed with the photo and actually just looked irritated I interrupted him.

Wow!  Isn’t the point of an autograph session to connect with your fans.  I guess I am confused, because apparently the goal is to leave a bad impression.

Later that afternoon I was walking by with my sister.  This was approximately 5-10 minutes after the session was supposed to be over.  Canseco was still sitting at the table, and the paraphernalia was still on the table, so my sister grabbed a photo and walked up to the table.  She was at the table, and Canseco was busy chatting.  The organizer walked up and said, “this event is over, no more autographs.”

Wow a 2nd rude encounter.  Obviously Jose Canseco couldn’t be bothered to loook up during this encounter as well.

The moral here:  if you are supposed to be dealing with public, at least pretend to be happy about it.  And of course, you are always representing Brand YOU, so leave a good impression.

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