Tradeshows, tradeshows, tradeshows


Last week I was at a tradeshow. Technology tradeshows are interesting, especially for younger women working the booth. Here are a couple of things I have witnessed or experienced:

  • Overhead at lunch: I went to ABC’s booth, great technology. Did you see brunette there? She was really cute and she really knew what she was talking about!
  • Typical behavior: The challenger, the attendees sole purpose is to stump the booth worker with a difficult technical question. Typically has side bets with friends on whether or not the boothworker knows what they are talking about.
  • “Thanks for your help honey, sweetie…..”
  • “So what do you do at your company? Marketing, wow! You are really knowledgeable, I am impressed.”
  • “I’ll wait to talk to that guy over there, thank you.”

Apparently it is hard for some people to believe that:

  1. Not all women are for eye candy only
  2. Some women are very technical
  3. It is not acceptable to call women, in a professional environment, a term like honey (but I’ll make an exception for people with Southern accents…begrudgingly)

Hopefully, people will catch on soon enough, that this isn’t acceptable behavior. Until then I’ll try to be civil to these people with condescending attitudes.


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