Where’s your voice?


So a few months ago, I noticed I was losing my voice.  Comments about my writing typically said something along the lines of:

  • “You write how you talk”
  • “This sounds just like you”
  • “I can just hear you saying this”

But as many of you know, being a technology marketer, you can get caught up in marketingspeak…with acronymns and embellishments.  The more white papers, newsletters and articles you read from your peers and competitors, the more you start to sound like them.

And it hit me, I lost my voice.  So I am blogging to get it back on track.  And write the way I do, not how the industry does.  And keep practicing so I can work on my short story that I hope to turn into a novel.

So do you use your voice?  Does your prose, whether in a newsletter, white paper or an email sound like you?  Does your company website give off your corporate personality?

Right now I am trying to improve my organization’s online presence to reflect the company culture.  And this is hard to do in a staid industry like storage.  Where the giants came up during the time of conventional corporate culture, and where people don’t get fired for going with Big Blue.  Wish me luck.  🙂


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