10 Questions: Crime Edition


10. What’s the deal with the Oakland restaurant takeover robberies? How much cash can you really get, doesn’t everyone use a card in one form or another?

9. Is you can use your Kindle for your textbooks, how will students get extra cash from selling their textbooks?

8. Is it a crime to get paid to quit?

7. Since Obama texted his VP choice out to his fans, do you think other politicians will start texting? Will political organizers start setting up group chat rooms and IMers as part of their staffs?

6. Isn’t is totally obvious that kicking the referee is a bad career move?

5. Why did Hollywood not believe in the Women movie? Haven’t there been a million so-called women-centric movies that have done well at the box office? (Sex and the City, Titanic, all 4 million romantic comedies where girl is in love with her mail best friend, J-Lo movies…..)

4. Does Seth Goodin’s post on rewarding your content creators make sense, is he off-base, or is it a mix of both?

3. Are you a twitter addict? Do you have time for twitter? Why didn’t master texter Obama send us a message? In case you are curious, here is twitter etiquette.

2. Are you looking forward to new macbooks as much as I am?

1. Will the takeover robberies stop, once the kids go back to school?

(More questions, if you are interested!)


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