Signs we are in an economic downturn


Here is a short and sweet Top 5 list, in lieu of 10 questions.

5.  Every magazine/website I have registered for, ever, is adding me to their daily mailing list and the recpients of 3rd party offer lists, even though I did not opt-in

4.  $2 drinks are available at Starbucks, in the afternoon.   (Is it just me, orare two trips to Starbucks, in one day, a bit excessive.)

3.  Whole Paycheck is pitching bargain priced groceries.  (But honestly the bulk section and the 365 products are well-priced.)

2.  Web meetings, not in-person meetings (live meetings) are the norm.

1.  P. Diddy is retiring his private jet for coach to save $$ on gas.


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