Leveraging the brand, or just plain crazy?


Last night, while VH1’s sister station, MTV was airing the VMAs (Video Music Awards — I am hard pressed to understand how they still have awards since seeing a video on MTV is as rare as seeing Yeti), VH1 had an ad.  Of course they always have ads.  But this time half of the screen was covered with a sponsor logo.  25% was showing a mini video clip of the VMAs.  And the rest said….we are watching the VMAs and you should be too!

This is the first time I could recall such blatant cross promotion on these channels since the early days.   I guess in a way it was tongue in cheek, like all of the new shows.  But it was a little strange.  Especially since in essence, they were showing the VMAs.

So the lesson here?  As many interactions as possible should showcase your brand.  Are you funny?  Customer oriented? Staid? Traditional?  Honest?  Represent that whenever you can.  In your white papers, in your email communications.  Everywhere.

The big reason I started my blog was because I felt like I was losing my voice.  After being surrounded on all sides by marketing-speak…it was taking over my thoughts!  Blogging has helped me loosen up, and start putting more personality in my content.  I hope you can find the same.  🙂


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