Quotes on Storage Security in Processor Magazine


Processor magazine recently covered storage security, quoting me!

There’s a rising tendency to rely on technology to address storage-related security issues, but some experts feel that policymaking and employee awareness are similarly effective in keeping storage secure. Jame Ervin, product manager for DNF Security (www.dnfsecurity.com), says that employees are the first line of defense against data breaches.

“Many of the widely publicized security breaches involved a loss of physical control over the data—stolen laptops, missing backup tapes, and so on. In many cases, employees could have added an additional layer of protection with password-protected computers or backup tapes. Organizations should have a defined policy for access to data leaving the premises and for data inside the office and act accordingly,” Ervin says.


One thought on “Quotes on Storage Security in Processor Magazine

  1. There is no doubt that human engineering and lack of proper policies to govern security procedures (physical and virtual) have significant impacts on data security. However, one of my companies (NorthStar Global, Inc. – http://northstarglobal.biz) has developed technology that is going to revolutionize the storage industry and significantly lessen any security issues that may arise. This includes an initiative that will aide in thwarting human engineering and stolen passwords in addition to our major leaps forward in data security. Would elaborate, however patent process limits elaboration. In our opinion, you have to make the security aspect automatic, easy, and still maintain high levels of security. Which we have done. Without that combination, people and companies are going to continue to incur security breaches. The more you tighten security policies, the more inconvenienced your user feels and the lazier they become. Hence the need for our wonderful security magic!!!

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