Email communications don’t from Apple


So I have been a dotmac subscriber for about 5 years now (still uncertain if i should renew now, but that is another story).  Anyway and as many of you are aware, Apple change .mac to mobileme with the latest iPhone.  It has been well reported, there are a few hiccups.  I found another one!

Anyway, obviously Apple builds its mailing list with Apple ID holders.  So I have been on Apple’s lists for a while now.  Over time I managed to consolidate my IDs to get down to one copy of the message.  And then the new ipods came out last week.

So when mobileme went live our emais became, and both addresses of course go to one inbox.

In my email box, after the event I received 2 emails about new ipods:  one to and the other one to

Good job apple for updating your lists automatically.  Bad job for forgetting to delete our old addresses.  😦

More inbox clutter, just what I wanted!


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