A really powerful, descriptive website


Take a wild guess what company stands behind the website.  Here is the text from the main, and only page.

Our Mission

To systematically provide superior service and value to fulfill the needs of our customers.

The Company

Customers are the reason for our existence.  Without them, there is no business, no jobs and no reason for us to exist as a company.  Customers buy from the company that gives the best value for their needs. These needs, or expectations, vary. Therefore, it is important that we identify their specific expectations and then meet or exceed those expectations.

Customer satisfaction is not merely a process or procedure but is actually an attitude that must be imbedded into the core of the organization.  The organization must function as a team and every member of the team must strive to continuously improve the value we deliver to our customer.

We were started with this value and commitment to the customer as the motivating force. As customer needs changed, so did we. As technology progressed, we facilitated.

We are staffed with talent that provides a much greater spectrum of skill sets than one would expect from a service organization. After five years of building a team of engineers, technicians and sales engineers, in Any State, US, We have the depth and diversity within to provide technology solutions that keep our customers informed and productive.

Taking a consultative approach to addressing solutions has won the trust of our customers and is the key to keeping them. Our intention, with every project or sale, is to develop a long term relationship that will stand the test of technology change.

Contact Information


So as you can see, this website is completely useless.  After reading (or skimming) this content I have:

  • No idea what the sell
  • No idea what their services are
  • No idea what there purpose is

But hey they care about customer satisfactions!  Wow that is amazing.  No companies say that.  Ever.

I understand it is tricky for small companies to establish an effective online presence.  But it does help spend as much time as possible defining what you hope your website will do for you.

What’s missing on this website:  no contact us form.  No list of the types of solutions/services they offer.  No list of vendors they work with.  No definition of the type of customers they work with.

Basically I left this site in the dark.  And that represents a fail on the goal of using your website to generate leads.  Which is really what all of us need to do.  😀


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