Mastering the Press Conference


So I am sure many of you hear, Apple released new laptops this week.  If you didn’t, here is a summary. I wish my news could get that much coverage and attention.  Haha, but the rest of us aren’t apple.  But we can learn from the best on presentation skills, answering the tough questions and getting your message across.

Present like Steve Jobs:

So here are a few quick tips:
  • Prepare in advance.  A lot.
  • Tell a story
  • Have a structure to your presentation
  • Make sure your visuals are relevant, but not distracting.  You should tell the story, not the visuals
  • Be excited about the topic, and your presentation
I know these tips seem obvious, but how many times have you been to a presentation where the presenter is busy reading the slides along with you.  Or seems like they forgot to have their morning coffee, for a week.  Or when you leave, you have no clue what just happened!
Answering hard questions
So this presentations was disappointing.  People expected Apple to have bluray and cheap laptops and more revolutionary design..and…and…
During the QnA, the press had a field day with topic on the specs and pricing of the new notebooks.
Here are my tips:
  • Address the tough issue directly (like SJ did regarding his health)
  • Plan to get asked, and prepare your answers
  • In desperate times, act like a politician and redirect the question to your topic of choice.  🙂
Hope you enjoy these resources, and happy presenting!

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