3 Tips for Email Success


I got an email today, related to a newsletter I subscribe too. Ok I was opted-in to. If you are a B2B tech marketer, I am sure you have noticed that all of the online/offline B2B publications have begun emails dedicated to marketers about their new lead generation services and marketing best practices. They of course used their prospect lists to populate the subscriber lists. This is a bit annoying, but the topics are pretty relevant. The joke is that these new found marketers aren’t really following all of the best practices.

This email had some good headlines, like the top 3 tips, top 3 mistakes. You know the usual article that can be attention grabbing. I clicked on the link to the article, looking forward to skipping straight to the bullets. But here is the page I got: http://www.href=.com/

Error page.

All of the content in the newsletter was broken. The ads of course, and links to white papers worked fine.

The question of the day, should I unsubscribe since the content isn’t relevant (i guess non-existent is accurate). I mean this newsletter is a waste of time. If I can’t actually view the content I want.

So should I give them another chance, or de-clutter my inbox, take the poll below!

Another email story. I signed up for another list, not long ago. I didn’t want more than one email so I only signed up for one weekly alert. Things were great, I enjoyed the content. And then my once a week email started pitching all of their other services. A bunch of stuff I didn’t care about or ask for. And I started to get 3-4 emails per week. Too many. So I unsubscribed. And there was no option to limit my participation to the alerts I requested.

I am well aware that many email products for B2B companies only allow unsubscribing from the organization, and not the list. But this list, was for a company that was clearly using email marketing as the primary branding venue for their ecosystem of products and services (consulting, TV appearances, Books, Blogs….). So they lost a subscriber, but I cold have turned into a customer. But now, since I am not on the list I won’t remember their name when I’m in the market for those services. All because of those pesky, irrelevant emails. That came far more frequently than originally pitched in my initial sign up.

So here are my tips, to keep your emails in your subscriber inboxes.

  1. Make sure you have permission to email your subscriber
  2. Match your email frequency to what you promise in your subscription form. If you say weekly, don’t exceed 6 messages in a month
  3. Test all of your links

I am sure you have other tips, but these are my top of mind. Include yours in the comments. 🙂

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