Need images, try flickr


This is just a quick little post.  I have always struggled with finding images for presentation, information or just to show someone an idea on a color, layout or whatever. These days it is a lot easier to find free, good photos that don’t look stock from the wealth of stuff on the web!

Find Images:
Google Image search – large volume of stuff, sometimes it takes a few go rounds to find good stuff. You can filter by image size which is a plus
Flickr – great for landscapes, statues, common moments. There are a lot of great photogs there just credit your images to the photographer. And many images are stored on a creative common license for your use!

Take screenshots (or mini movies) fast.

Try Jing. It’s from the makers of Camtasia, and siupports Mac and Windows. It is pretty easy, and you can markup the images with text and circles. For a mac only app I like Skitch.  Even better than jing for being more mac like, and there are a ton of editing and export options to Mobile Me and the like.


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