Email Templates, the best thing since sliced bread?!?!


So we’ve all heard the phrase better than sliced bread.  Of course according to some people, sliced bread lead to the decline of American baking.  (see here and here.)  So email templates (and mass email in CRM systems and mail clients)….possibly the best thing ever for salespeople…or is it messing up email communications?

Raise your hand if you have received a never ending stream of emails from vendors you once corresponded with a few months (or even a year) ago about new promotions, product announcements etc.  Without an unsubscribe link.

Or a nice little intro email saying “I am the new rep for your territory.”

How many of these emails have you found useful?

Do you think these emails were “marketing approved?”

If you look closely, there is a lot of evidence that these are “unapproved” messages.  I see lots of fonts, inconsistent spacing, typos, mismatched messaging.  And even extra signatures.

Marketing people: do you make templates for your sales team?  Do they use them?  Are you too busy for template making?  Who should own the sales letter templates?  Take a quick poll, and let me know.

Here is a great template, one of my buddies received in his email:

Dear {fname},

Text goes here.


Joe Smith

Oops.  I guess they forgot the template part.


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