Where have all the bloggers gone?


So I use 37signals’ Backpack.  Really just to keep random factoids when I am away from my home computer and to keep projects organized between home and work (I also use my phone, so I have a lot of scratchpads).  I always leave notes I forget about.  Articles to read, blogs to check out.  Whatever.  Nothing critical, but stuff I found it interesting.  Some blogs die off….and I delete you from my reader if you don’t post for 4 weeks.  It’s a blog not a bookmark.  I want new content.  🙂

Here’s the question of the day. Where have all the bloggers gone?  Brought to you by Paula Cole.

So there are some blogs I found interesting, and the authors just stopped posting!  They had good insights or interesting topics and poof they went away.

These days starting a blog is really easy.  Keeping it up on the other hand is a challenge.  I don’t post as often as I’d like, and I often go in bursts (ahem see late november/early december archives vs october).  So I guess here are my tips on how to keep posting.

  • Login to your blog app regularly to check your stats.  When you see which posts are popular you might want to post a follow up.
  • Save clippings: images, articles, blog posts, videos to use as fodder for future posts.  Peruse your list regulary when you need new ideas.  I just started using tumblr for this purpose.
  • Pick one day per week to write posts.  Read: plural.  And schedule them for later in the week.

Keep reading, and more importantly keep blogging!  🙂


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