Channel Partner Relationship Tips from CRM Magazine


CRM Magazine always sits on my desk, begging me to open it.  There are always a ton of great articles and tips in the magazine.  In a recent newsletter there are some great tips on data to look for and take advantage of to grow your business.  Many businesses have a CRM system,  but we all struggle with how to use this data that’s available to us, and how this data leads to new opportunities.

Here are the tips to improve your channel partner relationships:

  1. Look beyond the “best” partners, aka the highest revenue ones.  Some of the mid-level performers may be ripe for a ton of growth in joint business.
  2. Collect and analyze the right data.  Or ask the right questions.  Survey your partners and see what they want from you, who their customers are and use this data to your advantage.
  3. Communicate across the channel.  Share your best tips:  on how to sell, how to market, and how to grow your business with your channel.  Communications from technology, best practices and performance all help build the relationship.
  4. Use incentives.  Ok this is obvious, but people respond to prizes, so use them accordingly.

As we grow our channel programs, we are looking for ways to really improve our partner performance at all ends of the Bell Curve.   Every little bit helps.  🙂

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