Is Linkedin getting taken over by spammers?


Earlier this summer, Linkedin added discussion forums to the groups.  Suddenly the groups went from “profile badges” to places where people pitch their services, new products and job requests.

At its core, Linkedin, as far as I can tell, was meant for connecting with people you know.  Groups of course took away the direct connections to more indirect connections of people that share careers or interests.  This of course is still valuable for networking.  Linkedin freely promotes that networking for jobs is the best way to go.

Does that mean I shold be compelled to help people who are trying to use Linkedin groups to find a new job.  In the groups I have joined, 90% of the messages are product pitches, recruiters looking for candidates and candidates looking for jobs.

Now my weekly digest emails are deluded with messages like “Hi, I am looking for an opportunity in NYC that pays $250K with a stable, profitable company with 80 employees.  Please respond if you have any leads.”

So are these Linkedin groups actually helpful, or are these mailings destined for the automatic delete pile?

Maybe online networking is a little too easy.

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