Twitter: some quick thoughts and observations


So I joined twitter a few months ago to update my facebook status remotely. Haha. Or well after the hubub about twitters use at SXSW last March.

So during the past 2 weeks, use seems to have picked up with twitter groups, storage tweeters, and big-brands tweeting.

And now the spammer scammers are here.

And the brand hijackers (they don’t deserve a link). I’m getting followed by one now, using a big internet media company’s name as their twitter handle.

Sorry Charlie, I won’t be following you if you don’t seem real. So look out and stake your twitter claim now.  Before someone steals your brand name as their user name.

Stay tuned, I’ll post my observations and tips in the next few weeks as I get more twitterific.  🙂

Follow me: Jame-Ane Ervin


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