2009 Marketing (and work) Resolutions


It’s been a busy start to 2009 so far.  To be expected after taking the last 10 days of the year off. 😉

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to give you my marketing resolutions of the year.  These are in no particular order.  

  • Use social media wisely.  It looks like 2009 is the year social media will take off for b2b marketers. It’s cost effective compared to other programs.  So what does using it wisely mean?  Using metrics to determine what’s effective.  Remembering the social media is about participation and conversation.  It’s not a one way outlet, and we marketers should post without participating in the communities.  Look for an upcoming post on some tips on using social media well.  Or at least my observations.
  • Track, Track, Track (analyze analyze analyze).   The best way for marketing departments to prove their value is to offer meaning full metrics.  I am on a continuing quest to make sure we are tracking the right information, and analyzing so we can act accordingly.  If you aren’t really tracking your customer interactions in all avenues: phone, web, email, surveys… I suggest you do.  And using marketing automation is a great way to get more info.  
  • Try the old fashioned way sometimes.  We get so caught up in going online, using email and web meetings we forget about the personal touch sometimes.  A phone call.  A hand written letter.  Face-to-face meeting.  Let’s go back to basics and encourage more individual and personal connections!

  • Get more feedback.  We all know people won’t go out of their way to tell you how they feel.  Unless they are really annoyed.  The best way to counteract this? Ask.  More.  Asking for feedback isn’t being insecure, its a great approach to making improvements.  And I expect feedback from my colleagues, customers, partners, and friends.  Please chime in, I want to hear it!
  • Use more visualizations.  One of the challenges of being a chatterbox, and more text oriented is that I forget about the visual learners.  I tend to learn by reading.  I rarely watch online presentations or videos.  I read (and talk) much faster than those presentations do.  They take a lot longer than it would take me to read an article on the same subject.  So this year, I am going to reach out to the people opposite of me.  And be more visual.  Need some ideas?  Check out this table.  Online video services — can you please add a 2x or 4x button and play those videos at hyper-speed.  Then I can fit in a few videos at the speed I process the info 😉
  • Be exceptional.  I know.  That sounds really vague.  I mean don’t we all strive to be exceptional?  Umm…not always.  Sometimes we are in a mad rush to get things done, with a shorter turnaround time, we don’t get to put our full energies into it.  So once a week, aim to do an exceptional job at something. Volunteering, email communications, business presentation, or making dinner.  You’ll feel better.  And it’ll feel praiseworthy.  We all need more praises sometimes.  Even if its is just from ourselves 🙂

If you have your own resolutions, I’d love to hear them!

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