How to choose a lead-scoring system?


Here’s a comment from my marketing automation page I thought deserved a full post:

I work for a small company that is evaluating marketing automation and lead scoring is part of our requirements. Do you have any best practices when evaluating lead scoring? What is the core functionality that should be part of any good lead scoring methodology for a small business?

Here are my tips.

  1. Custom criteria in addition to the obvious ones like company size, job title, timeline.  Your company may have its own special triggers you’ll want to capture
  2. Some degree  of control over weight on the score (so you’ll be able to choose which items are more important for your organization, or you can add other score triggers like “attended a demo”
  3. A listing (in some way shape or form) of interactions, and information that is contributing to the score.
  4. An easy way to pass on the info to the sales team.  If the score and activities leading up to the score are marketing only, well it doesn’t really help does it? 😉

That’s about it.  Good luck! Anyone else, feel free to chime in!

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