Microsoft as a Service? Try again MSFT.


Microsoft’s SAAS is more like service-less software.  Let me recount the experience for you.

Went to Live Meeting’s site and here’s how things went.

  • Used live chat — good
  • Saw there was a free trial — good
  • Sign up for a trial with a Microsoft Live account — OK
  • Go to the “shopping cart” page without a Livemeeting trial option — LAME!
  • Request free trial via chat (or phone) — lame
  • Answer 30 demographic questions to sign up for trial — annoying
  • No instant access to turning on the trial — lame
  • Logging in to put trial in shopping cart and proceeding to checkout — complicated
  • Waiting for 2 days for trial account access — lame
  • Not receiving notification that the trial option is available in my account — lame

LiveMeeting is a perfect example of how not to sell software as a service.  I wonder, how many people are actually using Microsoft’s hosted version?

On a side note, I got a cold call from Microsoft on the Dynamics CRM suite.  The guy on the other end of the phone had no idea what I was talking about when I said I use  

Back to LiveMeeting, here’s a highly unscientific chart on my opinion.


Tally of Live Meeting Feedback

How does Microsoft rate?

How does Microsoft rate?

My vote: Microsoft as a Service = Not ready for primetime. (Well the selling part, not the apps part.)


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