Friendly reminder to the salespeople out there


I got this really helpful and useful email today. Here is is verbatim (name removed)

Hi Jame,
I hope this finds you well. I saw you registered for the webinar next Tuesday. I will be your primary point of contact and wanted to see if there is any other information I can provide in the meantime? Please let me know if there is a good time to reach you.

Thank you very much.

Joe Smith

Wow.  Glad they could be of service.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember which webinar I registered for next Tuesday, because I have registered for 5 over the next 2 weeks.  Sadly to say the sales rep here didn’t mention a company name, as I said this email was verbatim.  Or anything about the sort of help info he could provide about his service.  Maybe I should skip the webinar, and ignore the solution due to poor sales training.  Honestly he could have attached a datasheet or white paper on the solution and that would have been far more helpful.

I know this is obvious, but lets reiterate what is critical to an effective email:

  • Be clear about your affiliations
  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself with what you do, who you represent, and how you can help.  In detail.
  • Have a clear call to action (or next step)

But as for this email.  I think I’ll just send it straight to the trash.

Looking for more reminders?  Email communications tips.

— Jame Ervin

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