Matching your appearance to your ideals


Leather shoes + vegan = not consistent

Leather shoes + vegan = not consistent

Source: Indexed Blog

So this cracked me up when I saw it.  Because it so true.  Raise your hand if you’ve met a leather wearing vegan?  Dear leather purse-carrying animal rights’ activist: don’t tell me you care about the animal’s plight, refuse to eat meat because it is animal torture.  Because skinning them is equivalently torturous. (Full disclosure, I eat meat and wear leather)

So keep this in mind in your own messaging.  How many companies who are “going green” continue to waste paper in many ways, from refusing to offer electronic copies of notifications or just printing out every email?  Or how about a cutting edge technology company who is using the green screen terminal to manage inventory?

So here’s the point.  Your message and actions should match perfectly.  Otherwise, you’ll lose credibiity.  But this index card said it a lot more eloquently than I could!

— Jame Ervin


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