Master of self promotion… it’s Diddy


P.  Diddy/Puff Daddy, whatever his name is, you have to hand it to him.  He is great at branding.

And my favorite story?  Diddy uses google alerts.

Forward-thinking Diddy bolsters his ‘Net worth
Could Diddy be using Google alerts to ensure his income? “He automatically gets e-mails whenever he appears in the press,” says an insider. “Then he forwards them to his agents before he’s supposed to make a paid appearance or host a bash to remind them of how relevant he is, and that he’s worth more than he’s getting paid.” No word on how many times the technique worked, but feel free to forward this item along, Diddy!


What promotion tricks can we steal from P. Diddy?

  • Every appearance is an opportunity to promote one of your interests
  • Cross-promote, cross-promote, cross-promote (Think Making the Band to promote Danity Kane, Day 26, and Bad Boy Records)
  • Try to find other people to fund your new product development (can you find a partner to help you with tha new initiative)
  • Create multi-purpose content (that audition tape was an ad for his fragrance)
  • Go big or go home.  Put your best effort into everything, and work hard.  It will pay off.

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