A firestorm is brewing over @ Sys-Con


Two new updates.  In response to my last post, Sys-Con has posted this “unedited” email transcript (edited to underline the statements that stuck out for them, I didn’t use any emphasis on any point) and this blogger’s response.  I’ll be straight with you, I could have framed my comments in a nicer way.  They weren’t completely friendly or completely evil.  My second comment was far nicer than the first because, I honestly appreciated their response.

This new service looks like a good way to tie together all kinds of related content from your site, … Maybe we can look into this in a few months to see if things change or improve.  I really appreciate the prompt response and attentive service.  This is also something that is critical for us in choosing advertising partners. … The update is definitely a huge improvement over the previous generation website.

When you receive feedback, there are a few possible responses:

  • Accept it and act on it
  • Read it and ignore it
  • Ignore it altogether

One response that makes no sense, is to curse people out for it.  People take time to give you feedback because at some level they would like to see you improve and succeed.  You don’t have to agree.  In fact I would have ignored and or forgot about the whole incident if the Sys-Con CEO hadn’t cursed at me and called me names.

So here’s the deal.  Please use polite language. From the Engin Sezici post linked above:

Well, reporters use the word “bitch” casually these days. Last week, there was a headline published here, announcing the new Yahoo CEO as “Tough Brazen Bitch Takes Over Yahoo,

It looks like only Sys-Con calls women “b’s” in fact I commented on that story on here.  Working women deserve and require people to treat them with respect, and that is all I ask.  Not appropriate to use the b-word in “professional environments.”  Disagree with me if you want. Or ignore my comments.  But don’t use curse words when communicating me.


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