Find inspiration in random places


Over the weekend I went to check out the Belly Dance Superstars show.  There were a few fusion performances with hip hop inspired music, latin music and even ballet dancing.   Pretty broader than the typical “Arab cultural dance” that we are used to.  Over the summer, during the AIDS walk I heard some women comment on the belly dance troupe and how “No brothers would be into me belly dancing at home” or something to that effect.  I thought that was puzzling, because all though Arabic music is “foreign” to the hip hop generation, if you look closely (or not that closely) you’ll see plenty of dance move cross over.  Ok maybe the finger cymbals won’t be in the next Ludacris video, but you know there is plenty of hip shaking in all modern popular music.

So here’s the point, as marketers sometimes we think that other techniques do not apply, because they companies are way different than we are (b2c techniques don’t translate to b2b.  Technology marketing techniques have no relevance to the manufacturing industry and so on)  You never know where your next influece will come from, so look at everything.  There are a good ideas lurking everywhere.  Even from the “homeless” Marin teenagers hanging out in the Haight.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the cheerleading movie, Bring it On, but their winning routine was inspired by looking at movement in martial arts, dance and everywhere else — exactly what we have to do!  And I bet you never thought that you’d learn a business lesson from a teeny bopper movie.  🙂

So look to nontraditional influences for new ideas.

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