Does this sound like spam to you?


Got this message in my mailbox today.  (sender name omitted)

Subject: New Prospects Email List (Promotional Discount)

Hi Jame

You are receiving this special offer because we see potential with your company for our future lists.

We have New contacts within medium to large corporations in the US. We are offering these contacts, which you will own and can use as often as possible. These are all new contacts and have not been sold before.

That’s funny… because I don’t see any potential.  In fact I didn’t ask for this offer.  I think I would have rather then said “We bought your email address or found you on Jigsaw, so we decided to send you this offer.”   It’s a little presumptious to think I actually wanted this message.  And annoying, because we all know what happens when people get messages they didn’t request.  The remove themselves and blacklist you.  No thanks.

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