List-building tactics to avoid and one way to look less shady


Here are a few good tips on list building from BtoB Magazine, and an example how to add without looking like a spammer.

The bad ideas:

  1. Pre-check the opt-in box
  2. Add old prospects, customers to your mailing list
  3. Down play co-marketing (wow this happens to me all of the time).  I.E. list rentals
  4. Harvesting email addresses to add to your list (customer support, contact us forms)

Source: 4 shady list-building tactics to avoid :: BtoB Magazine.

Here’s a better way:

I got this email last week.  No clue how they acquired my email address.  But for unsolicited mail, this is a pretty good way to handle it.  Did it work?  Only the marketing team knows.

Your information has been provided by one or more partners for participation in our network. We ask that you take one minute to learn about our services and notify us if you do not want to be included.

We provides services to help businesses solve problems.

If you would like to learn more about us or remove your information from our list, please select the appropriate link below:
> Learn More
> Privacy Policy
> Unsubscribe

Thank you!

So ask before adding.   If you think your  customers are interested in receiving your mailings, send then a note with a link to subscribe.  Instead of subscribing without permission.  Now only if everyone else agreed that asking permission is the way to go…..

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