The Dunk That Made History


Have you wondered where the dunks are in women’s basketball?  When I first started getting addicted to basketball, I saw UNC’s Charlotte Smith’s dunk vs NC A&T (she is now an assistant for the Tar Heels).  I was excited, because it was the first time I has seen a woman dunk.  But I didn’t really watch women’s b-ball games, so I thought it was par for the course.  At lease once in awhile.  I had no idea she was only the second college player to do so.  Even more crazy, only 6 women have done it.  Over the past 25 years.

Basketball purists hate dunks.  The think it makes the game to selfish and focuses on the individual and not team play.  Clearly the audience loves dunks (hear the cheers?) and fans love killer passes on a fast break.  They add some extra excitment to the game.  And maybe, just maybe, this is a reason the WNBA hasn’t exploded.

Anyway, the WSJ has a story on the first woman to dunk.  And apparently the audicence was really small.  And the opposing team’s coach refused to give up the historic tape.  Because, in reality, he was embarrassed his team got dunked on.  This is a great story (watch the video) and a great historical momement.  Especially in March.

WSJ story: the dunk that made history

Lessons here:

  • Sometimes bucking the status quo won’t win you any fans
  • People have a hard time accepting fresh ideas, and new approaches
  • Sometimes the new approach doesn’t stick: so keep trying or give it up

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